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  • Lovebirds! The two young lovebirds in the movie ~ Dick (Andrew Dunbar) and Penny (Sarah Smyth) ~ ended up getting married in real life!

  • Stellar talent! Eric McCormack is best known for his work on TV’s “Will and Grace,” for which he won a Primetime Emmy® Award for Leading Actor in a Comedy. But his classical roots go back to five seasons with the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Jolly Old England.

  • He’ll be back. Robert Patrick, who plays Vern, battled Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

  • G’day, mate. Jenni Baird, who plays Tammy, hails from Sydney, Australia.

  • Star sighting! Jenni Baird is best known to American audiences for her role as Dr. Meghan Doyle in Season Four of the sci-fi hit “The 4400.”

  • Wonder Dan Lauria ("The Wonder Years") and R.W. Goodwin first worked together on the 1980s TV series “Hooperman.”

  • It came from… where? Producer James Swift, who first conceived of the project, loved the sci-fi films of the fifties and was inspired by War of the Worlds, It Came from Outer Space and Invasion of the Saucermen for his story ideas.

  • More than just a movie producer… Alien Trespass producer and co-storywriter James Swift also holds a PhD in Psychology, owns several restaurants he started, a gourmet ice cream business, French cheese and cured meats business and a farming business in the Skagit Valley WA. He continues to produce documentary films.  

  • Renaissance Man. Steven Fisher, Alien Trespass screenwriter, is also an accomplished artist and penned a screenplay entitled ‘Sewer Monsters’.

  • Take note! Rob Schwimmer, who provided the film’s music effects, is a renowned Theremin player, and has performed with Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and the New York Philharmonic; the Theremin is one of the earliest fully electronic musical instruments and was invented by the Russian Léon Theremin in 1919.

  • How melodic! Director R.W. Goodwin and composer Louis Febre first made beautiful music together when they both worked on the TV series “The Fugitive.”


  • Alien Trespass comes to you in glorious color! The first movie ever filmed in color was 1918’s Cupid Angling – not The Wizard of Oz or Gone with the Wind.

  • Color Alien Trespass’s saturated color was inspired by the original War of the Worlds – one of Goodwin’s favorite sci-fi films.

  • What’s in a name… Alien Trespass was originally titled It Came From Beyond Space.

  • Mais, oui! The very first Science Fiction film was A Trip to the Moon, a 1902 French black and white silent film that ran 14 minutes long.

  • Who needs HD? Filmmakers used a new Super-16 film stock with new Arriflex cameras to make the end result appear as if it had been shot in 35mm. 

  • Canada, eh? Alien Trespass’s Mojave Desert town is actually Ashcroft, a small town four hours north of Vancouver.

  • Brr! While hunting for intergalactic outlaws, Urp experiences shivers on Toolamane Four, one of seven ice planets that orbit the neutron star Tryxl. 

  • Home sweet home. Urp resides on a planet called Koddhar, which is located in the Draco cluster.

  • Not cool. The Ghota’s metabolic temperature is 155 degrees.

  • Now you see it… Ghotas are unicellular amphipods that are capable of chromodynamic distortion. In other words, they can make themselves invisible. 

  • Um, yum? To celebrate their anniversary, Ted and Lana share a meal of Swanson TV dinners. More than 10 million TV dinners were sold during the first year of national distribution in 1954.

  • Lights, Camera, No Action. Ted keeps one foot on the floor while he is in bed with Lana to comply with the Hayes code, the set of industry censorship guidelines governing Hollywood from 1930-1968. 

  • Lights In 1951, three Texas Technological College professors spotted a number of lights crossing the clear Texas night sky. Dubbed the “Lubbock Lights,” photos from the event have never been disproved.

  • Aliens On August 21, 1955, in Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky, eleven people at the Sutton family farmhouse claimed to be under attack by alien beings in a siege that lasted all night.

  • Flying Saucers are Real – Major Donald E. Keyhoe, a US Marine pilot, wrote a bestselling book in 1950 of the same title asserting that “Earth had been visited by extraterrestrials for two centuries, with the frequency of these visits increasing sharply after the first atomic weapon test in 1945”.

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